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Cambridge Centre for Climate Science


What is the anthropocene? How is our climate currently changing?

From Network Coordinator Michelle Cain:

Thanks to all who attended the last CCfCS symposium of the academic year, on the topic of the anthropocene. We had four excellent speakers, and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the talks they gave.

For those of you who couldn't make it, we have put together a Storify, so you can follow the symposium as it happened - mainly through Emma Boland's and my tweets:  

Go to the link to find out how we might formally define the  anthropocene, and about research showing a variety of different ways the climate is currently changing.  

Speakers were:

Phil Gibbard (U. Cambridge)
Dominic Hodgson (British Antarctic Survey, Durham U.)
Andrew Tanentzap (U. Cambridge)
Dorothee Bakker (U. East Anglia)  

If anyone would like to give feedback on this event or the Storify (whether you attended or not) then you can do so here: