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Cambridge Centre for Climate Science


Cambridge Centre for Climate Science (CCfCS) welcomes enquiries about research opportunities, either for study for a PhD or for employment as as a postdoctoral research associate or research fellow. The list of participating institutions gives details of the climate science research carried out in each. For further information you are welcome to contact the appropriate Departmental Representative. General questions or expressions of interest should be sent to one of the CCfCS coordinators.


PhD Studentships

Every year the University of Cambridge advertises PhD climate science projects which span the range of cutting-edge research found within CCfCS. These are usually advertised in the autumn with projects starting the following year. More information can be found on the Cambridge Earth System Science DTP website.

PhD Studentships: Cambridge Earth System Science DTP

The different groups regularly take on Ph.D. students. Funding for UK students and partial (fees-only) funding for non-UK EU students is often available from the UK Research Councils. Other funding (stipends for non-UK students, fees for non-EU students) is available from a variety of sources including various University of Cambridge trusts. If you are a non-UK applicant then to maximise your chances of funding you should be making enquiries in the October 12 months in advance of your possible arrival and have submitted an explication by end of November.

You will need to apply to one of the individual institutions in CCfCS for a PhD place, therefore once your enquiries have established which institution (and perhaps which individual scientist) offers the best match to your previous experience and your potential interests you should then follow the detailed application instructions relevant to that institution.



Vacancies in each of the groups arise from time to time to work on defined projects, according to grant funding. Additionally there are competitive Fellowship schemes (e.g. the NERC Fellowship scheme, the University of Cambridge Herchel Smith postdoctoral fellowships, various Cambridge College Research Fellowships) where the applicant is required to make their own scientific proposal as part of the application. CCfCS scientists are often willing to help applicants who will potentially carry out research in Climate Science.