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Cambridge Centre for Climate Science


The scope of research into climate and climate change in Cambridge is very broad indeed. The focus in CCfCS is on scientific research (mathematical, physical, chemical and biological) relevant to Working Group 1 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For Cambridge research into socio-economic aspects of climate see the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research.

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Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions

Researchers in Cambridge use ecosystem modelling to study how carbon cycles between the biosphere (for example vegetation and soil) and the atmosphere, and what this means for climate.

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Ocean and sea ice dynamics

The ocean is a dynamic and important part of Earth's climate system. Scientists across CCfCS study ocean circulation using a combination of observational, theoretical, and computational approaches.

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Cryosphere and Sea-Level Rise

CCfCS researchers use a combination of satellite, aircraft and ground-based observations and computer modelling to investigate topics related to ice sheets, permafrost, glaciers and ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions.

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Earth system modelling

Climate scientists across CCfCS use and develop computer models to study the whole range of physical, chemical and biological processes that make up the Earth's climate system.

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Past Climate Change

Scientists in CCfCS work to understand past climate by collecting, analysing and interpreting sediments and rocks, ice cores and geophysical data, and through modelling.