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Cambridge Centre for Climate Science


Teaching Climate Science within the University of Cambridge

 IPCC Sythesis Report Meeting


Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

Course Guide

  • Fluid Dynamics (Part II, Michaelmas) 
  • Dynamical Systems (Part II, Michaelmas) 
  • Waves (Part II, Lent)  
  • Hydrodynamic Stability (Part III, Michaelmas) 
  • Extrasolar Planets (Part III, Michaelmas) 
  • Fluid Dynamics of the Solid Earth (Part III, Michaelmas)
  • Fluid Dynamics of the Environment (Part III, Michaelmas)
  • Fluid Dynamics of Climate (Part III, Lent) 
  • Laboratory Demonstrations in Fluid Dynamics (Part III, Lent)


Department of Chemistry

Course Guide

  • Chemistry in the atmosphere (Part II, Lent)
  • Atmospheric chemistry and global change (Part III, Lent)


Department of Earth Sciences

Course Guide

  • Earth's Climate System (Part II, Core course C4, 24 lectures and 4 seminars, Lent)
  • The Earth System and Climate Change (Part III, 16 lectures, Lent)
  • Evolution of the Hydrosphere (Part IB, 8 lectures within "Earth Sciences A", Michaelmas)
  • Earth’s Climate System (Part IA, 5 lectures, Lent)


Department of Geography

Course Guide

  • Environmental Processes and Change (Part IA)
  • Living with Global Change (Part IB)
  • Environmental Systems and Processes (Part IB)
  • Glacial Processes (Part IB)
  • Biogeography (Part IB)
  • The Glacial and Quaternary Record (Part II)
  • Glaciology (Part II)
  • Volcanology (Part II)
  • Biogeography: Biological Processes and Environmental Change (Part II)
  • Holocene Climate or Anthropocene Studies (MPhil)


Department of Plant Sciences

Course Guide

  • The Ecology of Change: Climate and Succession (Part IB, Michaelmas)  
  • The Ecology of Change: Terrestrial Ecology (Part IB, Michaelmas)  
  • The Ecology of Change: Atmospheric CO2, global ecosystem productivity, and climate change (Part IB, Lent)  
  • Dynamics, history and phylogeny of vegetation (Part II, Michaelmas)  
  • Responses to Global Change (Part II, Lent)


Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)