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Cambridge Centre for Climate Science


CCfCS Climate Crisis Game

Players are part of a team representing one of the world’s major nations or a global corporation. One additional team will also take on the role of the United Nations who are tasked with persuading nations to sign up to a set of climate change commitments. Nations must balance their political priorities and national economy with any commitments they make. Meanwhile, corporations may have the keys to technological solutions to climate change.

The game is intended to illustrate the difficulties that stand in the way of climate change policies in the form of geo-politics, government budgets and global industry.

Climate Crisis was demonstrated at the Playful Learning Conference in July 2019 and is hosted by Crisis Games.

Thursday 30 January 2 to 5 pm Centre for Mathematical Science, CB3 0NS


Please note that places are limited to 25 people with a waiting list.

Bring your own cup for refreshments.

Thursday, 30 January, 2020 - 14:00 to 16:50
Event location: 
Central core, Centre for Mathematical Sciences