Cambridge Centre for Climate Science

British Antarctic Survey

Climate Science in British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and an affiliated institute of the University of Cambridge.

BAS science organised into 6 science programmes, each with a Science Leader. Here we list those programmes and their areas of interest, as well as our most senior (Individual Merit) scientists.

  • Pete Convey (Terrestrial biology, ecosystem modelling and impacts of climate change)
  • Alistair Crame (Science Leader - Environmental Change & Evolution, encompassing long-range climate timeseries, variability modes and trends)
  • Richard Hindmarsh (Glacial change and ice sheet modelling)
  • Richard Horne (Particle acceleration, planetary radiation belts and Space Weather)
  • John King (Science Leader - Climate, encompassing upper and lower atmospheric dynamics, clouds, sea-ice and boundary layer processes)
  • Mike Meredith (Science Leader - Polar Oceans, encompassing large-scale ocean circulation and dynamics, shelf sea processes and ice shelf-ocean interaction, and interdisciplinary marine science)
  • Eugene Murphy (Science Leader - Ecosystems, encompassing ecosystem modelling, adaption and resilience of polar ecosystems to past and current climate change)
  • Lloyd Peck (Biological adaptations to extreme climatic conditions and low temperature gigantism)
  • John Turner (Lower atmospheric climate, variability and modelling)
  • David Vaughan (Science Leader - IceSheets, encompassing glacial process, sea-level rise and quaternary change)

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