Michelle Cain

Job Title: PDRA
Department / Institute: Department of Chemistry

I use computer models (pTOMCAT, a global 3D chemical transport model; NAME, a Lagrangian particle dispersion model; and CiTTyCAT, a Lagrangian photochemical model) combined with field observations to study atmospheric composition, processing and transport.

Projects I work on/have worked on:
  • RONOCO: the Role Of Nighttime chemistry in controlling the Oxidising Capacity of the atmOsphere
  • MAMM: Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic – Measurements, process studies and Modelling.
  • AMMA: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses
  • ITCT-2k4: Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation 2004.

My publications can be found on my Mendeley profile: http://www.mendeley.com/profiles/michelle-cain/

Currently, I am a part time co-ordinator for CCfCS.
Previously, I am worked part time for Defra as a NERC policy fellow for air quality modelling. 
I am also interested in science communication and am the knowledge exchange representative for the MAMM project. 
Key Research Interests:
  • The quantification of different processes acting on the composition of an air mass during its transport
  • How to represent small-scale processes (e.g. chemistry) in a global model
  • How to represent mixing in a Lagrangian model
  • The quantification of the magnitude and variability of methane emissions in the Arctic
  • The role of nighttime chemistry in relation to daytime chemistry, and the roles of gas-phase and heterogeneous chemistry at night.



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