Clare Fitzgerald

Job Title: PhD Student
Department / Institute: Department of Chemistry

2007 - 2010 : - University of East Anglia, BSc Natural Sciences, Project under the supervision of Dr. Alex Baker - 'Improving the accuracy of the measurement of dissolved organic nitrogen in the water soluble component of organic aerosol.'

2010 - 2011 : University of East Anglia, Graduate Diploma in Chemistry, Project under the supervision of Professor Steve Meech and Professor Julea Butt - 'Transient absorption spectroscopy of redox-active proteins'.

2012 - Present : University of Cambridge, PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Kalberer and Dr. Pope.

Homerton College, University of Cambridge

Key Research Interests:

Physical Chemistry: Laboratory studies into the phase, viscosity and reactivity of organic atmospheric aerosol. Main interests: Spectroscopic studies of organic aerosol, specifically optimisation of Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging and molecular rotors to measure viscosity changes of organic aerosol components.

Selected Publications:

Fluorescent lifetime imaging of atmospheric aerosols: A direct probe of aerosol viscosity, Hosny, N., Fitzgerald, C., Tong, C., Kalberer, M., Kuimova, M., Pope, F.D., 2013, Faraday Discussions, DOI: 10.1039/C3FD00041A.

Fluorescence lifetime imaging of aerosol viscosity and phase,
F.D. Pope (1), N.A. Hosny (2), C. Fitzgerald (1), M. Kalberer (1), and M.K. Kuimova (2), EGU General Assembly Abstract, 2012.